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Folding@Home GPU Client for ATI Radeon HD 2XXX & HD 3XXX Series

Until now, the only graphics cards supported by the Folding@home GPU Client were ATI’s Radeon 16xx, 18xx and 19xx series cards. However, a new beta version is now available from HERE which will allow owners of HD 2xxx and 3xxx cards to contribute some of their graphics processing power to the project. Even if you do not own a supported graphics card, you can still download the standard CPU client and contribute your idle processing power – all you need is an internet connection.

Folding@Home (also known as FAH or F@H) is a distributed computing (DC) project designed to perform computationally intensive simulations of protein folding and other molecular dynamics (MD). It was launched on October 1, 2000, and is currently managed by the Pande Group, within Stanford University’s chemistry department, under the supervision of Professor Vijay Pande. Folding@Home is the most powerful distributed computing cluster in the world, according to Guinness, and one of the world’s largest distributed computing projects. The goal of the project is “to understand protein folding, misfolding, and related diseases.”

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