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Read My E-Books Collection @ Scribd

Recently I have been uploading lot of my e-books collection to a new site, which is actually a file sharing site similar to “Rapidshare+Youtube” but this one focus more on e-books and images only. The site also have a great features called iPaper, in which readers can read the e-books directly from their own browsers without the need to download the file and open it using any software. iPaper actually is an embed Flash object (like those to play video on Youtube), it loads the e-book instantly on the browser. You just need a browser that support javascript and a Flash player plugin installed. Using Mozilla Firefox 3 is the best to use this feature.

Uploading a file is very easy, the web upload provides two-way to upload, either using flash upload that support multiple file at once, or you can using a single file uploader. Scribd also has a tool that allow its user to upload files directly from their computer without using a browser, its the Scribd Uploader support both Windows XP and Vista. Amazingly, Scribd does not limit filesize for uploading (as far as i know…) even though e-books normally does not exceed 100MB in size. Continue reading ‘Read My E-Books Collection @ Scribd’


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