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DvDrip Movies at only 300MB

Ever wish to download movies faster? Normally DvDrip movies shared on the internet are around 700MB in filesize, even though it has been compressed using the XviD codec while maintaining a reasonable video and audio quality. And for users using slower broadband, 700MB is quite a lot and will take a lot of time to download. It even make a very large space in your hardisk to store. More frustrating if you are downloading movies from the Rapidshare(RS), since most uploader prefer to upload their movies there due to the Rapidpoints they will receive. If the movie is 700MB, thus you will need to download SEVEN part of files due to the restrictions of 100MB per file by RS.

Due to that reason, and the demand of movies is increasing everyday, there’s a group of movie’s uploader has been trying to post their movies in lesser than 700MB of filesize. Recently, the usage of the new video codec, x264 has been widespread for the couple of years. By tweaking the ripping profile and combining with appropriate audio codec, a DVD movie can be ripped to just around 300-400MB only, varying to the length of the movie. Continue reading ‘DvDrip Movies at only 300MB’


Donlot Muvi Satu Klik Aje

Nak donlot muvi susah? Penat asyik kene donlot byk2 file dari rapidshare?? Ni aku jumpe cara paling senang nak donlot muvi, satu file jer korang perlu donlot, tggu je abes donlot da leh tengok muvi tu, takyah susah2 nak donlot part1 sampai part7 pastu dahla nk merge blek muvi tu.

Nak dapatkan muvi2 nih, kene ikut step berikut: Continue reading ‘Donlot Muvi Satu Klik Aje’

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